Spice it Up

April 5, 2011

Are you a food fanatic but are looking for fresh, new recipes? Are you interested in becoming a runner or are you already a runner? Doing some research online this morning, I came across a great site called Iowa Girl Eats.

Her site has a workout specific page and a recipe page. I was especially drawn to the workouts page because, being a runner myself, sometimes I find myself in a running rut, doing the same thing every workout. But on her workout page, she uses a lot of intervals and variations of running workouts focusing on time, mileage, and speed. Plus the pictures she has with the recipes are fabulous.

Sometimes working out can get really dull. Finding new and harder workouts spices things up. Maybe it means you have to run a faster pace than normal or run a few extra minutes to finish out the miles, but in the end you will be better for the extra push.

By: Amy


2 Responses to “Spice it Up”

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my website and workout page! Glad you like them as much as I do! 😀

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